Saturday, September 29, 2007

Piano Professional Autumn 2007 magazine now out!

The Autumn 2007 Magazine 'Piano Professional', the magazine for the teaching pianist, is now published and available direct from EPTA UK for £3.75 ( or 08456 581054). This is the second issue that Murray McLachlan has been editor for. The magazine is the flagship publication for the the European Piano Teachers' Association UK section, being read not only by pedagogues nationally, but also by pianofiles and people who love the instrument.

There are reviews, news piece and articles on Czerny, Seymour Lipkin, Eric Korngold, Chaminade, Piano technique, Prepared Pianos and contributions from Vanessa Latarche, Penelope Roskell, Anton Kuerti, Karl Lutchmayer, Jessica Duchen and many others. It differs from 'International Piano' and Rhinegold's 'Piano' (both of which McLachlan continues to contribute to) in that a more 'hands-on' approach is stressed to teaching and education. Thus in the new issue there is a 'motivation symposium' in which a panel of teachers discuss how to deal with students' concerns, as well as an article on what it is like to study music at Cambridge- through the eyes of a talented pianist undergraduate.